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August 26, 2006


Summary on the back of the DVD:

Returning to Cavite for his father’s funeral, Adam (Ian Gamazon) lands at the Manila airport expecting to meet his mother and sister. Instead he is greeted by a disturbing cell phone call. An unknown voice demands that he comply with instructions, which will force him to make a choice with life and death consequences: carry out a terrorist mission resulting in the death of many, or send his kidnapped mother and sister to execution.

City Rocker review:

Adam is an average guy. He works the night shift as a security guard. He has issues with his girlfriend. One day he gets a call from his mother and she tells him that his father had passed away. Adam must go to Cavite for his fathers funeral. Once he reaches Manila airport, Adam gets pretty frustrated that his mother is taking forever to pick him up. After a while it seems his mother forgot about him. Adam hears a ringing tone coming from his luggage. After hunting down the sound, he answers a cell phone. The voice on the other end of the line tells him that his mother and sister have been kidnapped and that he must follow orders. Now Adam is on a mission to save the ones he loves the most. He has to walk and travel in the hot and humid weather to carry out all the orders he is given through the cell phone. Eventually Adam realizes that he has to carry out a terrorist plan. He doesn’t want to do it. But the only way to save his family is to carry out the orders.

The story was great. The filming was great. Unfortunately the acting was sub-par. Ian Gamazon (Adam) can only act when he is frustrated. If this film had a bigger budget, to get actors, then it could have been better. But for an “Indy” film, it was good.

City Rocker rating:

7 out of 10