Peace for the Middle East!

August 6, 2006

[Link – Cartoons of Clay Bennett]

If Israel continues its pursuit of Hezbollah, Lebanon will be wiped off the face of the Earth. Doesn’t the Israeli government feel responsible at all for the death and destruction it has caused so far, against the Lebanese people? The more civilians that die in Lebanon, the more support Hezbollah will gain. Nothing is worst than the loss of innocence, especially the children. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lebanese children of today, grow up to hate Israel for the hardships they will be forced to deal with.

I would like to see the International community come together quickly, and put an end to the violence, and hate between the people of the middle east. No war is going to solve these conflicts.

In order to create peace there must be an international presence in the middle east. A presence that includes the Jewish community, the Muslim community, and the Christian community. There must be open dialogue and reasonable rules, that everyone can agree upon. No declarations should put hardships on anyone. The key to peace is tolerance of each other. If one community skews its laws and regulations to benefit its own people, then of course there will be no end to this war. The day when all the people of the middle east start taking care of each others needs, that day will bring forth the peace process. Maybe a Declaration of the Middle East needs to be written.


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