August 5, 2006

Last Wednesday I had an exam in Finite Math class. After I took the exam, as I turned in the test papers, I thought to myself…wow. I feel like I nailed that test! I actually feel like I made a decent grade. The next day the professor handed back the exams, and I made a 100! I got all the points! This hasn’t happened to me since high school. Particularly high school chemistry, was the last time I made a 100 on a test.

For a few days before the test I had been studying with friends. I didn’t actually think the study sessions would help me, but to my surprise the sessions were God send. I can’t remember the last time where I actually sat down and studied for a good amount of time. I’ll usually study for half an hour, then I’ll try to play video games, or watch a movie. The one thing that I learned to do, is to sit down and concentrate on my work. I suppose being with someone, helped me out a lot. Nothing is more challenging than to study with another person, and explain your work to them.

I’m really glad I made a good grade on that test! I won’t forget the valuable lesson I learned, about concentrating on my work. Whenever there is studying to do, I’ll have to try hard not to get distracted. 🙂


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