Old Boy

August 3, 2006



Oh Dae-su is thrown in jail. He doesn’t know why he is being detained. All he has forward to do in jail is to watch t.v. and eat fried dumplings. Every day gas floods the room to put him to sleep, and while he’s sleeping people come in to groom him, and to clean up the jail. Then after 15 years he is released! Nobody tells him why he was in jail, or why he was released. So after he leaves jail he goes out in the world to find out who locked him up, and why. He has been preparing himself physically and mentally for 15 years to find out the answers to his questions. He also wants revenge.

Daanish’s review:

Well, what I wrote in the synopsis is pretty much what happens. This film is one of the best films that I’ve ever seen. Being a South Korean film I was hesitant to watch it at first, but I’m very impressed with it now. The plot, the characters, and the plot twists are just amazing! The story line is excellent, and full of suspense. In the end, I just sat in front of the screen thinking to myself…How the F*** does somebody write a film like that? Just amazing! Just so you know the movie is in Korean, but the one I saw was dubbed in english.

Daanish’s rating:

10 out of 10!


[Link – Chan-wook Park director of Old Boy]

[Link – Old Boy website]


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