LFO – Frequencies

July 23, 2006


Track List:

1. Intro

2. LFO

3. Simon from Sydney

4. Nurture

5. Freeze

6. We Are Back

7. Tan Ta Ra

8. You Have To Understand

9. El Ef Oh!

10. Love Is The Message

11. Mentok 1

12. Think A Moment

13. Groovy Distortion

14. Track 14

Year/ Label:

1991/ Tommy Boy

Daanish’s Review:

I enjoy listening to IDM when I’m studying. The subtle clean-cut beats help me remember all the mundane information that I have to be tested on at college. LFO is an acronym for Low Frequency Oscillation, and the frequencies are definitely flowing in this album!

One thing that has always bothered me a bit with electronica music, are lyrics. I’m glad that LFO keeps the lyrics to a minimum. During certain tracks there will be a voice that’ll repeat the name of the track over and over, which is kind of freaky. But I’m glad the singing isn’t the kind that seems not to fit with certain electronica music.

While listening to Frequencies, you’ll be able to tell that the music was inspired by Kraftwerk. The same minimalistic beats are here, but Frequencies is music to move to. Though this is not cocktail party music, it’ll still have you moving from start to finish.

There is a dispute over the correct name of the tracks. The back of the CD case has the track names as listed above. But on LFO’s website the track names are switched about from track 7 to 14. Maybe this is a mistake by the record label. The CD is great never-the-less. Check out their very strange website. If you click the link for LFO’s website, it’ll look coded but if you click on the lists, music starts to play!

Very much:

IDM, Ambient, Clear-cut beats, Groovy, Late-night, Experimental.

Favorite Tracks:

These tracks are according to the back of the CD case:

“Simon from Sydney”,”Think a moment”, and “Track 14”.

Daanish’s rating:

8.5 out of 10


[Link – LFO website]

[Link – Buy this album]


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