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Kill Mother F!@#ing TV

June 21, 2006


My brother and I started a discussion on tv one day. We were flipping through the channels and nothing caught our attention. Every channel was broadcasting material that the both of us were’nt interested in. My brother off handedly said that watching tv is like living a second hand life. Tv tries to show us what life should be, and how to model our lives after it. Instead we should shut the tv off and live out our lives, instead of watching what our life should be on tv.

So I decided to watch less tv. I started playing guitar. I’ve also started messing around with my Alesis SR-16 beatbox. I’ve also read books. For the last few months, I feel I haven’t missed out at all. I feel that I have actually started to accomplish things. I can’t believe how many countless hours I’ve spent in front of the tv. This to me was a huge wake up call, to start doing the things that I love to do. From now on I’m going to spend my time more wisely.

Just to be able to sit back and have time to contemplate on my life and the things that I have done, or plan on doing is worth more than to spend an hour in front of the tv. Maybe it is just me that is changing. I’ve noticed that I am starting to enjoy things that I never used to. I’ve started to listen to less punk rock and more jazz. I’m eating almost no fast food anymore. I enjoy eating at home more. I’m not exactly sure what these changes in me are, but I am enjoying them.